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Our premium equipment and services are the first choice for helping customers improve measurement performance, monitor valuable assets and infrastructure, and increase productivity.

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HAKARI Architect power systems combine rugged and high-end performance with an aesthetically pleasing look.  The Metrologist monuments are designed as stable platforms for GNSS, industrial theodolites, and other metrology equipment.  Let us ensure that you are ready to go for your next project. 

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The goal at HAKARI is for our customers to do well.  This leads to good things.  We provide design services, system integration, system rentals, and data analysis so that our clients are in a position to manage risk and make the world a safer, better place.

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We help you to connect complex data to insight so that you can see the path forward.  Whether it is monitoring a nuclear cooling tower with an optical system, or crunching numbers to evaluate the performance of a hydroelectric facility, we show the way. 

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Choose us to build and manage your applications on secure cloud platforms with the design framework that you select.  HAKARI has lots of experience managing cloud resources for the most sensitive and demanding of projects.  The choice is easy and the data is always yours.   

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